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Winter Equestrian Festival Week 2 - CSI2*

Fantastic Start to the Winter Equestrian Festival vor Meredith and Calle! In Meredith' and Markus' first week of showing at WEF, Meredith rode 9-year-old Calle in the 2* Grand Prix. In a nine-way jump-off Calle was able to show his outstanding talent with the fastest time out of all the contestants and no fence down, winning his first Grand Prix!

Auftakt nach Maß für Meredith und Calle beim Winter Equestrian Festival. In ihrer ersten Woche beim diesjährigen WEF startete Meredith mit dem 9-Jährigen im Großen Preis. Nach einem neunköpfigen Stechen stand das Paar an erster Stelle, mit der schnellsten Zeit aus allen Paaren, womit Calle seinen ersten Großen Preis gewinnen konnte.

"He is a relatively new horse to my string; I’ve had him less than a year, but I adore the horse. He’s got a wonderful mind and character, and he’s always on your side, so it gives you a good feeling as a rider.”

Full results/Alle Ergebnisse: Link (Please select the correct event at the top/Bitte oben das korrekte Event auswählen)

101 - FEI $70,000 Marshall & Sterling Grand Prix CSI 2*

1st - Calle & Meredith

1001 - FEI $35,000 Hollow Creek 1.45m Classic 238.2.2

12th - Cool Hand Luke & Markus

1003 - $8,000 1.45m II.2b

9th - Carlito's Way & Markus

10th - Samurai & Meredith

1005 - $6,000 1.40m Speed Challenge II.1

13th - Contina R & Markus

1017 - FEI $6,000 Bainbridge 1.40m 238.2.1

13th - Cool Hand Luke & Markus

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