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Projects Meredith supports

Laureus - Sport for Good Foundation

Meredith has been an Ambassador for Laureus since 2013. She is patron for the project "Make children strong with horses"

"Together with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and the DKThR I want children to have access to horses, Horses are extremely well suited to teach children warmth, courage and joy of life and help them cope through physical and emotional pain. They are not only a wonderful partner for children and young people in need of support - every child and teen can learn from dealing with horses."

Löwenherz Children's and Youth Hospice

"It's not a sad and miserable place, but a house where there's a lot of laughter. I would like to help "Löwenherz" to make people more aware of the work they do and the services they offer."



FEI World Rankings - FEI Database  Here you can find an up-to-date feed of Meredith' entry within the FEI's Database. It contains all international results and her position within the FEI rankings. Within the page you can look up any horse/rider performance, event schedule/results/info, recent and past rankings.

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