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WEF 3 / CSI3*

Another great week at WEF is coming to an end with Markus winning Sunday's main class, the FEI $35.000 Suncast Jumper 1.50m Classic, aboard Tequila! Just a day before Meredith and Comanche secured a great second place finish in the Grand Prix after two clear rounds, just a fraction behind winner Eric Lamaze!

Eine weitere tolle Woche beim WEF endet mit einem Sieg von Markus und Tequila im Hauptspringen des Schlusstages, dem $35.000 Suncast Jumper 1.50m Classic. Einen Tag zuvor konnten Meredith und Comanche sich bereits einen fantastischen zweiten Platz im Großen Preis sichern, nur den Bruchteil einer Sekunde hinter dem Sieger Eric Lamaze!


"I was very happy with him tonight. Comanche, I believe over the last year, has gained a tremendous amount of experience. He has always been a fantastic jumper, but he has been slightly green in the ring and a little bit spooky. Over the last year he's been to shows all over the world, and I think that has helped him. I think he has grown up a lot, and tonight you could really see he gained a lot of self-confidence." ~ Meredith


“Tequila is a fantastic mare. She is extremely careful; that is why we have taken our time with her. She is ten now, and she is just getting in her prime. She has won a few two-star grand prixs, and she got a ribbon here in last week’s grand prix. This week I did not qualify for Saturday night, so I decided to put her in today, and she feels fantastic and ready to do bigger things.

We have a very good group of horses right now, which we have produced over the last few years here actually. They have all been here at the Winter Equestrian Festival numerous times, and now they are all ready to play and show." ~ Markus


All placings/ Alle Platzierungen:

100 - FEI $35,000 WEF Challenge Cup Rnd 3

13th - Comanche (Meredith) Video

101 - FEI $130,000 Adequan Grand Prix

2nd - Comanche (Meredith) Video

1001 - FEI $35,000 Suncast 1.50m Classic

1st - Tequila de Lile (Markus) Videos - 1st round - jump off

15th - Charmed (Markus)

1003 - $8,000 1.45m

2nd - Contina (Markus)

1004 - $6,000 1.40m

3rd - Contina (Markus)

8th - Carbon (Markus)

17th - Samurai (Meredith)

1012 - FEI $35,000 1.45m

6th - Charmed (Markus)

Link (select "2017 WEF 3 Adequan¨ CSI 3* "AA" Premier" at the top)

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