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WEF 2/ CSI2*

Super first week competing at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Fl, with Daisy winning the 1.50m jump off on Sunday!

Super erste Woche beim Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington mit einem tollen Ende - Daisy gewinnt im 1.50m mit Stechen am Sonntag!


"She is absolutely fantastic. She has a heart as big as this horse show. She wants to do it. She has a wonderful character, a wonderful attitude, and it makes riding fun. This was her first 1.50m jump-off class, and it was just amazing how well and how easily she jumped it. Then to go and win it like she did was really the icing on the cake.

I knew everybody was going a little bit too fast, that’s why the rails were coming, so I tried to not overdo it. There were a lot of fast horses in the jump-off, and fast riders, so I think some riders were trying to win it before it was even over. I just tried to give her the best ride I could. She is a fast little horse, so the time was good enough. She is kind of like a little motorcycle. She is adorable and you know she is on your side.” ~Meredith on Daisy


All placings/Alle Platzierungen:


1001 - $35,000 Suncast 1.50m Classic

1st Daisy

1004 - $6,000 1.40m

6th Comanche

1005 - $6,000 1.40m

9th Samurai

1014 - FEI $6,000 1.40m

5th Daisy

6th Jackie Brown

1017 - FEI $6,000 1.40m

14th Daisy


100 - FEI $35,000 WEF Challenge Cup Rnd 2

4th Tequila

101 - FEI $86,000 Marshall&Sterling Ins GrandPrix CSI2*

9th Tequila

1004 - $6,000 1.40m

10th Charmed

1005 - $6,000 1.40m

5th Contina

complete results: link (select "2017 WEF 2 Marshall & Sterling Insurance CSI 2* "AA" Premiere")

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