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*May 29th 1992 ~ OLD mare

Height: 1.64 m

Breeder: Imke Westermann-Oehmen

Owner:  Michaels & Beerbaum

In 1998, as a six-year-old, Leena (previously Lilabub) was purchased for Markus by Jim and Nancy Clark. A few weeks later, she did her first show with Markus. Leena soon became an extremely competitive winner for Markus and was known as one of the fastest horses in the world at that time.

Throughout her career Leena went on to win numerous grand prix events, world cup qualifiers and other prestigious classes, continuously amazing people with her tremendous will and speed. One of the highlights for Markus was when he and Leena finished third in the World Cup final in Las Vegas in 2007. "If I designed a perfect horse for me, it would be Leena,“ Markus exclaimed.  On 25th October, 2008, Leena was retired from international sport after winning the Championat in Hannover at age sixteen. She gave birth to her first foal in 2010.


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