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Le Mans

*January 2nd 1995~ ZWEIB gelding

Barn name: Leo

Breeder: Bettina Kaul

Owner:  Octavia Farms

"Leo is so gentle, even children could ride him!"

- Meredith

Le Mans was born on January 2, 1995, at Bettina Kaul's stud in Nottuln. Jim and Nancy Clark bought the eight-year old gelding in the fall of 2003. "Le Mans was Markus's horse," says Meredith. The pretty chestnut gelding was in fact initially ridden by Meredith's husband and first started at the Euroclassics in Bremen, where he was entered in the Youngster tour.

Le Mans remained with Markus until the end of 2005, and together the pair won many good ribbons, including seventh place in the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen. But Markus realized that Meredith needed a good horse to take the pressure off her top horses Shutterfly and Checkmate. At the end of 2005, Markus gave Le Mans to Meredith. "I realized what an incredibly generous husband I had!” A couple of months later, Meredith was number one in the world. "Without Le Mans I would not have managed to top the world rankings for a total of 24 months. Le Mans supported Shutterfly and Checkmate. “I am very grateful to Markus that he gave me Le Mans,” Meredith explains. “Leo, as we call him, will always be a very important horse in my career.”

In 2007, Meredith and Le Mans won the Munich Grand Prix. The pair were known for their consistency in jumping clear rounds and winning placings in Grand Prixs and World Cup qualifiers. 

Le Mans spends his retirement in Thedinghausen on the field with Stella and Constantin.


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