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Quick Star

*1982 ~ †  August 29th, 2011 SF stallion

Height: 1.59m

Breeder: Dian Empain

Owner (at that time):  Isaac Arguetty

"Quick Star was a phenomenon, a freak of nature!"

- Meredith

Quick Star was a very important horse in Meredith's career. After all, she owes her international breakthrough to him. When Quick Star was just seven years old, Meredith rode him in Palm Beach, Florida, and won her very first Grand Prix. Subsequently, the stallion helped establish her in Europe where Meredith and Quick Star won many Grand Prix events, e.g. in Maastricht, Munich and Mannheim.

“I won my first car on Quick Star in Maastricht. Although it was only a Renault Clio, I'll never forget the thrill!" Meredith declared. "And I will never forget how I won the Championship and the Grand Prix of Mannheim on the same weekend. A feat that was never done before. And I beat Hugo Simon both times!”

Meredith remembers Quick Star, "He was a phenomenon, a freak of nature. He was a very small horse, but it was like he had springs in his feet."

Meredith’s time with Quick Star ended very suddenly. One day his owner decided to give him to Nick Skelton. Meredith was very disappointed but always followed his career.

Fortunately, part of Quick Star remained with Meredith. After all, he was the sire to the filly Stella. In fact, Stella was a baby standing out in the field right next to the ring where Meredith originally tried Quick Star. Many years later Meredith went back to buy Stella and rode her to great successes. In 1999, Stella and Meredith became Team European Champions. So indirectly Meredith owes her first international title to Quick Star.

Quick Star's offspring are very successful in international show jumping. For instance, Big Star, ridden by Nick Skelton, won Olympic Team Gold for Great Britain in London and individual gold in Rio. Quick Study ridden by Lauren Hough has also won numerous Grand Prix events.

On August 29, 2011, Quick Star died at the age of 29. 


Top Results:

1st place Grand Prix Munich

1st place Grand Prix Mannheim

1st place "Championat von Mannheim"

1st place Grand Prix Maastricht (1992)

1st place Grand Prix Palm Beach (1989)

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