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Just do it

*13.05.1987 †26.12.2009 ~ KWPN stallion

Barn name: Justy

Height: 1.62m

Breeder:  Harrie Peters

Owner:  Michaels & Beerbaum GmbH

"Justy had a heart as big as a lion!"

- Meredith

"When he saw a jump, there was nothing that could stop him!" Meredith still raves about Just Do It with a smile that flashes across her face. She is still fascinated by her small dark bay stallion. Together they amazed and inspired spectators. She talks about him as "an extraordinary horse who made a lot of noise, including in the stable,” Meredith laughs. The spectators who saw him will not forget him either. They held their breath when he bucked between jumps. Yet somehow he managed to always focus on the next obstacle and to sail over it. Meredith did not try to stop him from bucking. She won him over with that attitude. "Justy had a heart as big as a lion. He was a fighter. That was how he made up for what he might have lacked in scope. When he and I put our minds to it, we won!" Meredith remembers fondly. “With all his fire, Justy was incredibly gentle. I would let my daughter get on him if he were still alive."

But Just Do It is no longer alive. In the night of December 26, 2009, he died in his stall in Thedinghausen at the age of 22. Yet he lives on in Meredith's heart and in her memories.

Just Do It and Meredith won the Grand Prix of Vienna in 1996, the Grand Prix of Neumünster and Bremen in 1997 and the Grand Prix of Spangenberg in 1998. A year later they became German Champions in Verden. Together they won more than 300,000 euros.




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