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*July 13th, 1994 - July 27th, 2019 ~ HOLST gelding

Barn name: Consti

Height: 1.72m

Breeder: Breido Graf zu Rantzau

Owner:  Bertram and Diana Firestone

Constantin was born on 13th July, 1994, at Breido Graf zu Rantzau’s stud in Breitenburg. He started his career with Jörg Naeve. In 2002, he was bought by the Firestones as an eight-year old and sent to Markus where he developed and demonstrated his outstanding ability. Together they won many good ribbons and grand prix events, e.g. the Grand Prix in Munich (2004) and the Winning Round in Aachen (2005). Constantin was retired at age 15 and enjoys the life daily in Thedinghausen on the field with Stella und Le Mans. 



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